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Customer SUPPORT

On Dec 14th I ordered some Christmas presents from I have ordered from them in the past and all has been well in the past. This time I ordered 4 t-shirts and 2 "toys". I paid for Airborne 2 day. I received emails with tracking numbers and eagerly checked when my package would arrive. It arrived as scheduled on Dec 21st. I tore into my box to start wrapping presents to find no toys. I ordered 6 items and only received 4. The packing slip is correct and there is no indication of a second box. I know it's a very busy time of the year and I am understanding of some mistakes that may happen.

I called up their customer support line on the 22nd and after the message played saying "all reps are busy please hold" I got dead air. I was expecting muzak or ads or something but I got dead air. Again, maybe it's busy and someone forgot to flip on the muzak since I'm calling just after they've opened. I waited to dead air for almost 10 minutes and decided to hang up cause I was going to be late for work.

Later in afternoon I called again and with no queue at all I got a rep. This man had a very odd tone of voice for a phone rep. Very soft spoken, very slow, very smooth. His manner was also slightly annoying.

Rep: Thank you for calling Thinkgeek.
Me: Hi, I received my order yesterday and some things are missing.
Rep: Okay..... *silence*
Me: So.... would you like my order number?
Rep: Um... sure
Me: *order number*
Rep: *a full minute of silence*... okay
Me: As you can see I ordered 6 items but I when I opened the box I only had the 4 tshirts.
Rep: Okay so... did you get *name of tshirt*?
Me: *kind of annoyed at his slow/smooth tone and no apology* Yes, I got all 4 tshirts. I did not receive the *toy* or the *toy*.
Rep: Okay so... did you get *name of another tshirt*?
Me: *more annoyed* Yes, I received all 4 tshirts but not the 2 toys.
Rep: Uh huh... so... did you want to return those items?
Me: The items I did not receive?
Rep: Yeah
Me: Well... they are Christmas presents and if they'll only be a few days late I'd still like to get them.
Rep: hmmm
Me: ..... ...... But if they're going to be a couple of weeks late then I'd rather cancel those 2 items.
Rep: So... you want the *toy*?
Me: Will I get it in time for Christmas or a few days after?
Rep: We can't guarantee that ma'am.
Me: *pulling hair out and straining to hear him cause... he really is talking softly and my phone it turned up all the way* Well... which method would they be shipped via?
Rep: Well I can put a rush on it
Me: *staring to fume here* I understand it may not get here by Christmas but I'm trying to deterime the latest it might arrive.
Rep: Well..... it takes 3 - 5 days for processing and then I'll ship it Airborne Next Day.
Me: Okay so then I would like to do that please. *kind of annoyed that they messed up and he can't put a rush on the processing part of things*
Rep: So..... is there anything else I can do for you?
Me: No, should be all set.

I know some people push "the customer is always right" too far but I don't think asking someone to fix a mistake on their end is too out of line. Kind of hard to convey his tone but I was about to jump through the phone and bite him. I am the customer, you messed up in a fairly major way and... I'd like my ass kissed JUST A LITTLE. Not majorly but... gee would an "Oh... I'm sorry... lets see what we can do to fix that" be out of line?!?!

I almost called back to request a supervisor cause I was so annoyed with his lack of caring about my problem. People with zero phone and customer service skills should NOT be working the customer support line at Christmas.

So... to make up for the two presents that are going to be arriving late, I went out and spent more money on more presents. Bah!

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