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Comic store complaint

 Okay, so this is a suck about the comic book store in my town. It will be known as 3 Clubs.

Things to know:

I am female.

I am a giant nerd.

The guy who runs the comic shop is a jack ass.

Story the first!

First time I go into the shop (as the one I used to go to had just closed down) I was greated with this:

Comic Shop Guy (CSG): So what's your boy friend looking for?

Me: *blink blink* I - Don;t have a boy friend, actually. I'm just looking for Cable & Deadpool #38. It's the only one I'm missing.

CSG: Oh, you're brother collects them?

Me: No. I do.

CSG: *laughs* Okay, sure.

Me: 0.o

Story the second!

Me: *calls in* Hey, I'm looking for Punisher War Journal -

CSG: We don't have it.

Me: Um, okay, but i was just -

CSG: Our shipment was delayed, we don't have any thing new. *hangs up*

Me: But, it's a back log...

Story the last!

Me: *calls in again* Hello. I was wondering if you had the newest issue of Deadpool?

CSG: I'm not sure.

Me: ... ... ...

CSG: I'll check. *line is quiet for a minute* Ya, we have #5.

Me: Oh, I was looking for number 6. it was supposed to come out the 7th -

CSG: No, it isn't.

Me: ... I guess I read the due date wrong on the website. Do you know when it'll be coming out?

CSG: Yeah, I'll check. *puts phone down on counter, and has conversation with some one in the store for about three minutes. Just as I'm about to hang up, he comes back on the line* It was due out on the 7th, but we don't have it. *hangs up*

Me: ... 

EDIT: Please note:

- This is the only comic book store in my small town.
- If I got a subscription, my comics would take about 3 months to get to me, and I don't know if I could wait that long.
Tags: geeky, stupid sexism

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