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Bad Chili's Service

After today, this is the absolute last time I will go to the Chili's in my town.

Normally, my husband and I don't go there as it is because every time we go, it seems to be a big hassle. However, my brother and his fiancee had a gift card there and we wanted to get together for lunch. Note that the place HAD been busy, but by the time we arrived, it was clearing out and it was no longer busy.

First off, when we arrived, Brother and Fiancee had been sitting there for about 10 minutes already. They announced that nobody had come to their table to acknowledge them or take their drink orders. Five minutes after Husband and I sat down, the hostess showed up.

(Hostess) Yeah uh..I'll take your drinks.
(Fiancee) We'd also like to place an appetizer order, please, if you can make sure that'll come out first?
(Hostess) Yeah.
(Everyone) *drinks and appetizer*
(Hostess) *Walks away*

We wait a good 10 minutes more before a server drops off our drinks. She doesn't introduce herself, doesn't really acknowledge us, and just kind of dumps our drinks off before walking away.

After about 15 more minutes, a manager-type person stops by.

(Manager-guy) =D So has anybody stopped by, taken your order?
(Brother) Not really.
(Fiancee) No.
(Me) A hostess got our drink order, but that's it. We're waiting to place our food order.
(Manager-guy) =D =D OKAY, GREAT! *walks off*
(Brother)...that's great?

We notice he hurriedly heads to a pack of servers standing around, and send a different one to us. Waitress two takes our orders. I order the quesadillas with no black beans, but instead, double rice. My husband, who absolutely hates onions and tomatoes, orders a burger with bacon, cheese, meat, and bbq sauce only. She runs off to put in our orders.

About 10 minutes later, we still don't have our appetizer. I stop the hostess and we ask her to please check on our appetizer and that if it's not going to come out before the meals, to please cancel it. Just then, my 10 month old son knocks over a cup of water. Totally our fault, we ask for a towel so we can clean it up.

She disappears and returns with a filthy, sopping wet towel used to wipe food from tables. My brother's fiancee then marches over to the bar to get a CLEAN, dry towel. We clean up the mess.

Finally, our appetizer arrives. Problem is, about 2 seconds later, so does our food. We choke down the appetizer (because there's barely any room at the table for our meals) and our food gets plunked down. Manager-guy is helping serve, and plunks down a very hot plate next to my son.

(Fiancee) Oh, please don't set that next to him! *moves it*
(Manager-guy) *huff* I wasn't GOING to!
(Me) *thinking*...you already did.

Of course, I have black beans on my plate. Being that I'm pregnant and very, very hungry, I say screw it and just eat around them. Now my poor husband, on the other hand, lifts his bun to find a huge pile of onions.

(Husband) *Flags down waitress*
(Waitress 2) ?
(Husband) This is wrong...It's not supposed-
(Waitress 2) -to have onions.
(Husband) Right.
(Waitress 2) *Stares at husband*
(Waitress 2) *HEAVES A SIGH* I'll have them fix it. *takes plate away*

His plate comes back about 2 seconds later. We discovered they picked the god damn onions off, leaving some very plainly stuck in the cheese. Disgusted, we flag down the manager-type guy and explain what happened.

(Manager-type guy) I TOLD them not to do that! I always tell them not to do that! *Takes plate back*
(Husband) Yeah, please make sure they make a new burger.
(Fiancee) It's pretty gross that they're picking through people's food, too.

By the time my husband's food comes back, we're COMPLETELY done with our meals and he's starving. We're also out of drinks and nobody has come by to refill them. Manager-guy finally brings the food out, and says he's comping our appetizer since it was so late, and my husband's meal. Thank god.

The whole experience was one giant headache, and I swear to god, I am never going back there.

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