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The first week of December I remembered we were getting pretty low on propane so I called Suburban Propane to order a delivery. We had just had a massive snow and my husband had plowed so our rather steep, long driveway was accessible.
The guy told me he could get me on the schedule in two weeks. Praying we didn't get any more snow, I agreed.
The 16th, no delivery. That evening about an inch fell. Should still be okay, I thought. The 17th, still no delivery. That evening we left for a two week vacation.
January 1st we arrived home to find our city in the midst of a -40 cold snap, our front door open, the propane bill immediately inside on the floor, and the entire house -40.

Thanks, Suburban Propane!

We're convinced it was them, but have no proof. There was some evidence that they had some small difficulties with our drive so I wonder if they did it on purpose in revenge not knowing the temp would plummet and we wouldn't be home for two weeks.

Quick edit: We live in Alaska and we, like the bulk of people up here, don't keep our doors locked.
Son of edit: Although I will definitely be locking the door when deliveries are expected from now on, that's for sure. They can hang the bill on the handle.
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