mediawar (mediawar) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Cashier, Bad!

Perhaps this is just me being picky, but...

When you purchase; two *very* ripe avocado, cucumber, other assorted vegetables and a 2L bottle of you not assume the cashier (not even a new cashier--a veteran cashier) would bag the vegetables separately from the 2L to avoid squashing them?

I'd purchased the aforementioned yesterday and when I asked her if I could have the 2L bottle in a separate bag she said, "Are you serious?" to which I responded, "Are you serious?"--she blankly stared at me for a few moments until I reached over the counter and got the bag myself =(

The man in line behind me laughed, but the cashier looked hella pissed and I honestly have no idea why. The bags at this particular grocery store are free, and it's not like I asked her to individually wrap/bag every single item (although at that point I wanted to) I really don't understand why it was so weird that I didn't want to end up with guacamole before I'd even left the store.

P.S. And I definitely did not want guacamole, as that's not even what I was making >=O
Tags: lazy worker
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