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Collection agency question.

First of all, I'm going to state that I know this is much more of a coworkers_suck than bad_service (although there does seem to be some bad service in there) but this was the first place I thought of in needing some quick advice (i.e. what's legally allowed). Suggestions of a better place to post this are entirely welcome.

So a couple of my coworkers owe money at various places, not my fault or problem. However, they gave them the number to this office to call. While I sit in the office all day and answer phones (among other things) they work outside the office, but with the department, so there is not another extension I could just give them. The problem is that these collection agencies keep calling and I can't simply go and fetch these people, it's already interrupting my work. Also, there's kinda a rule about personal calls. As in, not allowed. Anyway, anyone have a suggestion on something to tell them the next time they call? (Also, is it even legal to call a place of work?) Can I call it harassment if it's a place of business and not my residence/personal number? Is there something I can do, because this is getting obnoxious.

Thanks for your help!
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