Turn around, Bright Eyes (askingxalice) wrote in bad_service,
Turn around, Bright Eyes

Wal-Mart Suck

This happened about a week ago, but it's been lingering on my mind for the sheer WTFness.

I was at Wal-Mart checking out, and I had around 200 cash, and was going to pay the rest off with my debit card. It came to around 230 something, so I handed over what cash I had and started getting out my debit card.

Cashier: "Okay, you gave me 94 dollars cash, so you owe 130 something on your debit card."

Uh, what? I know I had around 200 because I had counted it before leaving the house, so I asked her to recount it. She did, and still said it was 94 dollars, which... Most of it was 20s. I don't know how you miscount that. So, I asked her to give me the money back so I could recount it myself, and she refused. By this time, there is a line behind me, and everyone is basically staring, which has me flustered, because I don't do well with confrontation, or with people staring at me. Both sends me to pieces.

So, I'm standing there, trying to get her to let me count the money myself, and she's refusing. By this time, another employee has noticed the commotion, and comes over to see what's going on. I blurt out the problem before my cashier can, and he takes the money from her to count it out in my hand. Sure enough, it comes out to 194 dollars.

At this point, the cashier I was with starts acting even more stupid, telling me that now I owe 40 something, while she hasn't even put the 194 in the cash register. By this time, I was so fed up and just wanting to get out of there that I was close to just giving her the 40 something, and walking out with over 200 in groceries. The other cashier must have figured out what I was wanting to do, so he moved her aside to do the transaction himself.

Finally, I get out of there, after about 15 minutes of standing at the register.

I don't know if the cashier was just really dumb, or trying to steal what she 'miscounted' but the whole thing was just... ridiculous.
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