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Wetherspoons Woes

I went to a Wetherspoons pub with a few friends yesterday with the intention of eating much pub food and imbibing much cheap beer.

Long story short - my steak arrived well well overdone, and I was handed a normal knife (not a steak knife to cut it). I had a good go at the steak with the knife - with my friends all laughing at me, and with much frantic wiggling managed to prise a bit off - thinking it would be ok really, I just had the wrong knife.

Wrong - it was so so chewy that I couldn't even chew it enough to swallow a bit of it, just kept chewing and chewing and chewing and in the end spat it out in a napkin and went to find a member of staff.

He was very nice indeed, and sent it down to the kitchen and told me a manager would look at it. I was happy with this, then he came back again and said it was really busy, can he comp me a free dessert instead.
I wasn't happy with that - having paid £9 for a steak and being offered a £3 max dessert! I said so and he said he couldn't do much more without a manager - and he would ring down and have me meet her.
I went downstairs, saw a woman in the clothes he has described to be the manager pick up the phone, pull a face and hastily go into the back room. She didn't come out, and I waited for 10 mins counting the bottles on the bar. I gave up, then went back upstairs.
My friends were miffed at me for giving up, so came down with me for moral support (by then I was just sick of waiting around and not having fun with them!) and flagged down another member of staff, who was very nice and said the manager would come to our table ASAP and sort it out.

About 20 mins later a member of staff not matching the description of the manager came up and said she wouldn't recommend a new steak as they're all from the same batch, but offered money back, which I accepted.

Now, Is it wrong of me to still feel a bit miffed? I was promised a manager - and expected that. Thoughts? Should I write to the head office of Wetherspoons about the food?
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