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Question: Obviously, restaurants have posted closing times and you can walk in the minute before they close and be served. And you should be served with the same respect and efficiency at any time the restaurant is open.

A couple nights ago, my friend and I were hungry. She suggested a restaurant that was going to close in less than thirty minutes and I declined going there. I won't go inside a restaurant if they're closing in less than thirty minutes.

I was just thinking about this and wondering if anyone else had any kind of rule for themselves like that?

If a restaurant closes at ten, do you go in at 9.59? Not go in after 9.45? Opinions!

My brother and I were at the self check out lane in the grocery store around midnight. Only the self check out lanes were open and there was only one cashier in sight.

An older man was at the check out across from us attempting to use the machine. He was having a lot of trouble trying to figure it out and called over to the cashier several times for help. She ignored him.

She could almost definitely hear him. The cashier stand is maybe ten feet, not even, from the machine he was standing at and he was being pretty loud. Maybe she had a hearing problem, but I doubt it.

Finally, as I was getting my receipt, the man came over to me with his two items, [a can of peanuts and a bottle of wine], and asked me if I'd help him scan his stuff.

When I scanned the wine, an ID request popped up on the screen. The old man called for the cashier again who kept sorting through her put backs. I finally walked over there and told her she needed to approve his purchase.

“You know,” she snapped, standing up and doing this huffy, irritable thing, “SELF check out means you do it by YOURSELF.” >:| >:| >:|

Yeah, okay. The old man couldn't figure out the machine. He's like eighty! And even if he could figure the machine out, he can't approve HIMSELF for an alcohol purchase.
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