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Bad Health Insurance

My mom works for a pharmaceutical company and she has decent health insurance. When I was in college, I was also covered until I graduated. A few days ago, the company sends her new cards and other stuff since the previous materials she had had expired.

For some weird reason, all the stuff came in my name. Mom figures okay, they made a mistake and gives them a call.

Mom: Hi, *explains problem*
Customer Service Lady: Well, did your daughter call us and order for us to do this?
Mom: No
CSL: Well, she must have...
Mom: No, she did not. She is no longer covered anyway and doesn't carry a card or have your phone #
CSL: Well, I can only conclude that she did, in fact call. Does she work at the same company?
Mom: No... look can you just change this over and correct it
CSL: Are you sure she doesn't work at your organization?
Mom: Yea I'm sure! I know where she works! What kind of question is that?

Okay. Stuff happens, I understand that. But instead of coming up with lame excuses, why can't they just admit this is their fault and then get over it? Everyone makes mistakes--even you.

And no, I didn't call them. I don't even work there, wtf. I couldn't even tell you the name of the insurance company.
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