Catie (indicinderelly) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Mr. FedEx Delivery Driver,

Please do not chuck my package at the doorbell from a landscaped area of the yard. I understand you probably didn't want to deal with the driveway thing (believe me, it makes no sense to me either) but that doesn't mean you get to stand on my landlord's expensive plants and chuck my package across my yard to hit the doorbell.

If the driveway really was the issue, then I don't understand. Where you were parked (blocking traffic on that busy road there) you couldn't easily see the house numbers (from the road) because they're behind some other stupid landscape plants. So if you knew the numbers before getting out of your truck then I can only guess you've been here before. Which means you've probably dealt with the driveway before. And the UPS guy with a bigger truck than you has room to turn around on our property and does it all the time.
If you haven't been here before then you had to pass the house at least once to find the numbers, and I'd think you'd have glanced at the driveway in that time (as I have made deliveries for my job before and I know that once you've found the right spot you have to figure out how to get to it and unload your items). And if you did glance at the driveway even once you can see it's stupid but it's not hard to figure out.

So blocking traffic on that busy road is your fault, but the stupid driveway is the only reason I can think of that you'd park up there.

Get off my landlords plants and bring my damn package to the door, whether you park in the stupid driveway or not.

Tags: shipping shenanigans

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