Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Homeowner's Insurance Woes

We went through our bank, Old National, to secure the loan. When it came time to secure insurance, we called the agent we used for our car insurance to set things up.

The agent did his thing and got us a policy with a yearly premium of $1,004. At that time, he asked if we were paying it up front. After speaking with our loan agent, I told him no, it was included in our loan as part of the closing costs. The agent said fine, I gave him our loan officer's contact info and they got together to set everything up so we could close on our house.

After we closed, Chase Home Finance took over our home loan.

Fast forward to yesterday. I get a letter in the mail from our insurance agent stating that our 2008-2009 premium was never paid. Cue my freakout...

I jump online to check our account with Chase. There is a scheduled insurance payment for October 2009, but no information about paying the 1st year premium or anything like that.

So I call the help number. The woman I spoke with said that they don't pay the first year premium and that I have to get the money and pay it up front. Now right now my escrow account has $1300 in it, but that's only because the seller's gave us the money for the property taxes for 1/2008 - 10/17/2008. She gives me the option of paying the premium out of my escrow account now, and then replenishing it before my property taxes are due in May.

I tell her that I need to call her back and that I'm going to get in touch with the loan officer we originally dealt with.

So the husband calls Josh (loan officer), because I'm getting pissed. He tells Josh what Chase told me and Josh proceeds to get pissed. He said that he made sure our 1st year insurance premium was included in the closing costs and that it wasn't, we wouldn't have been able to close without bringing a check for $1,004, or proof that it had been paid, to the closing meeting.

So the husband gives Josh the loan number because he says he'll call Chase and get this straightened out for us.

I need to call our insurance agent and find out why the hell they waited almost a full 3 months before contacting us to let us know the policy had never been paid.

I'm terrified that my house is going to burn down or be broken into before this is all straightened out...because that's how my luck is.

I'm not sure who screwed up..but hopefully it will get fixed and get fixed fast.
Tags: insurance woes

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