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We got a warning note on our mailbox from the mailman saying that if we don't clear the snow off of the porch again, they will refuse to deliver our mail. (the mailman is NOT the b_s) We are one of the few tenants that clean off our porch and even put salt down. I even lay salt "just in case" almost every day.

Today I had to leave at 10am, and my fiance got home at 7am from work. After I left he cleared off the porch and went to take a nap. It had been snowing since he came home and did not stop. Our mail comes around 2pm. Due to it snowing, the maintenance men go around on their snow blowers (where you can turn the hose to choose what side you want the snow blowing on), and very poorly did one side of my porch, but not the sidewalk in front of it, and got snow all over my porch. They could have moved the hose so it could blow where the grass would be.

Funny thing is, they had to come around a corner and purposely move the hose to face my porch because no one else's porches are covered. All the maintenance men and all the people in the office and the head of everyone have been treating me different because the head maintenance man backed up into my car and tore half my bumper off.. and they're holding a grudge because I'm trying to get the money they owe me. (it's been 3 months and they still haven't paid me).

The second part of the issue is they do the crappiest snow removal I have ever seen. A 10yr old was digging out his grandmothers car and was doing 10X better than what they do. They don't put down salt, there is ice massively everywhere and they don't plow like they should. when it snows, at 8:30am all cars are to leave the parking areas or they will be towed. about 3/4 of all the cars do not move, and they never have any cars towed and therefore cannot plow correctly. This leaves less parking spots, and lots of snow piling up in the street. This is why I try never to take my 6month old anywhere. Its unsafe to even walk, and I'd rather not fall while carrying her.

My cousin brought my mom over to pick up my daughter yesterday so the fiance and I could have a romantic night for once. I live far back in from the street, you have to walk through the maintenance parking lot then up the sidewalk a ways to get to my porch. My cousin saw how horrible of a job they did and said she'd drive up to my door. One of the maintenance men started screaming at my cousin, but she said if anyone falls from their lack of actual "maintenance", then they'll have a lawsuit. He huffed away and went to go tell the office, which is in the building my mom lives in 6 blocks away.

I picked my daughter up today. When my mom was waiting near her entrance for me, one of maintenance men got in her face saying that if the grass is all tore up she'll be paying for it. My mom told him that which such a crappy job they do, there is no way that the grass could be tore up... it's covered in over an inch of ice and a foot of snow. She proceeded to tell him how all of the men drive on the grass, even in the summer, with their big trucks tearing up the grass themselves. And if they actually did a decent job at removing the snow, then my cousin wouldn't have had to drive up to my porch. It was and is a major safety issue. She let him know that if she would have fallen, especially with my baby, she'd sue them all for negligence. He walked away from her without a word.
We can't do too much about it because this is all government owned. All of the office workers and maintenance men are snobby and act as if we're below them because we live in low income housing and we should ever be so grateful they even do any work.

Thank god living here is temporary. My fiance got out of the marines,after 6yrs, to be able to be with his daughter and we got in a rut. But by this time next year, we will have been married and he'll be in the Police Academy.

and to those wondering, YES it does say in our lease that they are to clean up all of the snow and ice except for ON our porches. And when I came home from picking up my daughter, I called my fiance to help me in with her.
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