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Witnessed suck at the hell that is Wal*Mart

So, mom and I were grabbing some groceries, and everything was going swimmingly until we got to the meats section. There was a young man (employee) standing there, and he was stocking. We could tell right away he was not a happy camper. What came next, though, was uncalled for.

Being as we live close to the Canadian border, we sometimes get native French speakers who can't speak a lot of English. Now, this lady was very sweet and polite. She very quietly asked him "Where the noodles?" (Which I thought was adorable, because dawwwwww :B). He then proceeded to point and YELL at her "ONE. LANE ONE. ONE. DO YOU KNOW ONE? ONE."

Both mom and I were both like "WTF" at this point, because the lady looked very sad, and she seemed to have trouble understanding what exactly he was saying, as he was screaming at her. Mom went to get a manager, and I (thank you, French class) told her where to go, as nicely as I could. The poor thing was shaking, she was so upset.

We reported it, but the manager didn't seem to care very much. Fuck you, Wal*Mart.
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