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So I notice that my payment for my car insurance didn't come out...sometimes it takes a few days so I gave it until now. I call in and my agent says my insurance has not been renewed. I've been with them since 2002 and every June and December, they renew my policy, I get my cards and all is well.

I moved in 2006 to a new apartment. Everything was dandy. Every six months, I got my new cards, and my payment was taken out by electronic transfer every month on the second. Until this month.

I called and it seems I didn't respond to a letter they sent in July asking for me to verify my address. Then I didn't respond to a letter sent in December about not being renewed because I didn't verify my address.

I called my agent asking why I didn't have my payment taken out, he said to call corporate's customer service. I did and the very nice fellow told me all about the notices I never responded to. I was all "What notices?"

As he was looking through the notices, I dug up some letter from them from June about my car wreck I had in May. It was then I noticed, the zipcode was wrong. I don't have my address on my insurance cards, and I get those AND some things from them. He listed off things they mailed me. I got about 1/3. I always got my new cards and they mailed me the plates from my old car when it was junked, it never occurred to me that they had the zipcode of a completely different town.

So, they were sending me notices to verify my address to the wrong address.

Now I'm waiting for my agent to call me back with a new quote, because since they canceled the policy, all they can do it start all over.

So, if they want to make sure my address is my address, and I didn't respond to the mail I wasn't getting. A phone call? Email? Something?

I suck because I didn't notice for that they had the wrong zipcode for who-the-fuck-knows how long AND for not noticing that my new cards didn't arrive by Jan 2nd. (my renew dates were changed to July and Jan in May) - I figured it was slow mail. Because mail has been sloooooow.

EDIT: Answering questions!

No I did not forward my mail, I contacted my insurance company directly. Since I moved in Dec of 2005, and needed to make sure they knew where to send the cards. And they did. The zipcode? Isn't any of my old ones.

My insurance card doesn't have my address on it. It has Progressive's.

Customer Service Dude was all "That's weird."

Mark, my agent for the past 6 years, wasn't contacted either. He was "Buh? Wha-?" *checks* "I don't know it wasn't taken out, call this number."

He didn't even know they were trying to verify my address.

The whole is MYSTERIOUS. Obviously: Skrulls.
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