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Score one for liquor and poor judgment


Something we all love...banking.

HSBC...YOU SUCK MY NON-HAIRY BECAUSE I WAX IT ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ah-hem* I applied for a re-draw on my tax loan. It was a small amount and I could cover it but I thought rather than emptying my accounts, I'd just extend my payments a few months. I APPLIED FOR THIS MID-DECEMBER (this is important) and my final payment was Jan 2 on this loan.

They hound me for papers, my contract, ID copies, all of which THEY HAVE but some how need AGAIN with every phone call. I fax them over, get my school to write a letter etc etc. Then they tell me that my final payment did not clear because while my total account balance was more than enough to cover the payment, it was not in the proper PART of my account for them to take the money. Basically, I have this PowerVantage account where you have the same account number for a savings/chequing account but the accounts are kinda/sorta/not really separate. The TOTAL balance was more than enough, but the balances in each account were backwards and they would not take it from the other account. I transfer that and it's all sorted. I send them MORE papers (same ones, again) from the school and they tell me that they will get back to me on the re-draw once the payment is cleared.

They finally called me the other day. "Oh yes, we got your information and it's all ok and your final payment cleared. But that was the final payment, so the loan is closed now so you can not redraw." Not one of my finer moments, but I said fairly clearly into the phone "Wow, HSBC really are fucking assholes!" I APPLIED FOR THIS IN DECEMBER YOU DICKS AND YOU DRAGGED YOUR FEET AND NEVER DID WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN TIME!!!!!!! You had the information. You had it ALL and you.... AURGH!

If you hear of an HSBC headquarters blowing up somewhere, I swear to god it is not me. Honest.
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