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Campus Security is full of fail

Yesterday was the first day of spring semester. My sister has a full schedule on Tuesdays, with classes all the way from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. As usual, parking on the first day back was a complete nightmare, and she had to park on the roof of the parking garage.

At some point during the day, someone tried to pick the lock on her car. When she got back to her car at 7 (I was with her, as we managed to take the same children's lit class), the lock on her door handle was sticking out. She wasn't really paying attention, and stuck they key in anyway, but quickly realized what had happened. The door would not unlock (and due to a previous accident, could not be unlocked from the passenger side).

So, we make a trip down to the campus security office. She tells the "officer" at the desk what happened, and asks if she can file a report. His response?

"Well, I can send someone up to look at it, but if there's no evidence, we can't do anything."

If we decided to file a claim with the insurance company, we would need a police report or something similar. After explaining that to the "officer", he only repeated that he could send someone up to look at it. So, we asked that he do that, and went back up to wait. (In the meantime, I also called the non-emergency police, so we could file a report with them, just in case.)

15 minutes later, another "officer" comes up, takes one look at the car and says, "We can pry the door open, but that's it."

I asked if we could file a report, and was again told that with "no evidence" (uh, the door can no longer be unlocked), they couldn't file a report.

Soon after the second "officer" left the garage, the police showed up, and we were able to file a police report with no problem.

Now, I realize that this report will go nowhere, but at least we can prove to the car insurance company that we did go to the appropriate authorities.
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