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Sub wtf?

So here's just a little bitty service_wtf for you all that happened at the Subway today. Husband and I are walking into the Subway discussing the $5 footlong deal. (I was wondering if they implemented it to replace the $2.50 six inch daily special so they'd be sure to use a whole loaf more often...he figured they ended up using the other half of the loaf anyway, so that wasn't it.) Sandwich artist comes up with this charming statement...

SA: Actually, the reason for the five dollar footlong is because corporate wanted to make the employees quit.
Me: What? Why?
SA: Because everyone wants one.
Me: ...really?
Me: Now I feel bad. O.O
SA: Oh, no! Ha ha! I'm just kidding!
Me: *sheepishly orders sandwich*

Seriously, though, what could possibly be the issue with a five dollar footlong? It's not as though it's complicated. It looks like the simplest sandwich to make, and certainly easy enough to ring up. And if there's no issue with the five dollar footlong, what's the point of a joke like that? Regardless, why would you joke with someone you'd never met about their potential food choices?

Maybe I'm too sensitive, but the whole exchange baffled me.

It was a good sandwich, though. Tuna. On wheat.
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