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Hello... Yes, I'm Over Here!

I was once a minimum wage slave. I totally get how there are times when chatting up your co-workers is the only thing that makes the environment bearable.

I'm less sympathetic when I am one of two patrons in the entire establishment. Through the glass that leads to the kitchen, I could see five of the hostesses/waitresses talking and laughing. One walked out, gave me a quick glance before looking away, then rushed back to talk to her friend before I could even open my mouth. As she and another waitress were lounging in the restaurant area, I went to ask about the to-go order I'd placed. They both worked really hard to pretend they didn't see me.

"Excuse me," I said.

"...yeah, so that was a totally awesome party." One girl gave me a quick sidelong glance, then looked back at her co-worker. "It was great to see all the guys again."

They kept talking, as if they thought I'd go away. I said excuse me again, and mentioned that I'd placed an order, and was told it would be done by now (I gave them an extra ten minutes to make sure it would be done).

"Oh, yeah. You can place your order up at the bar," one girl said, then hurried back to her conversation about The Best Party In The Universe.

"I already placed my order," I reminded her. "I was told it would be ready by now."

Both girls looked at me. "Oh. It's not. Can you come back?"

At this, one of the cooks was waving her down. She hesitated, then got up. She came back with my food.

Honestly, could they at least have pretended they were at work? I really didn't tip 40% when I placed my order just so I could be ignored.

That said, I'm off to drop this little note to the manager of the establishment.

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