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Quebec's transportation system is not known for its outstanding and friendly service. In fact, many Montrealers can recall several instances when the STM/STL/RTL have been downright rude and horrid. I had the pleasure of experiencing their crummy service on New Years Eve.

I've just moved from Montreal to Laval and require a new bus/metro pass. Something that I wanted to inquire about before purchasing it (logical, right?). The entire time, her voice was SEETHING and annoyed.

Me: Hi, I'm just wondering, how does the Tran 3 work?
Her: Yes.
Me: The Tran 3? How does it work?
Her: Montreal. Laval. Longueuil.
Me: Alright, how mu-
Me: Okay, and how much is it?
Her: Put your card down and DON'T MOVE IT.
Me: *places her card down on the specified place*
Her: Don't. Touch. It.
(At this point, my hands aren't even near it, they're folded over my wallet as I wait....?)
Her: 87.00$
(Now, I know I'm supposed to pay 65$ since I pay the reduced tariff on it, but I was being charged the intermediate price - which I didn't understand why. I mean, I could be wrong but after I purchased it my friend told me it's really 65$)
Me: Oh, am I not eligible for a reduction price?
Her: Yes...87$.
Me: Alright *takes money out and counts it.*
Her: 87$
Me: ...*hands money.*

Just then, a presumably homeless man walks by and jumps over the queue without paying. She calls after him:

Her: Sir! Sir! You have to pay! (in a kind voice, of course)
Him: FUCK YOU. *flips her the bird.*

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