Shelli (pyxiwulf) wrote in bad_service,

AT&T suck

AT&T is pissing me off.  Ever since I got this new phone, I constantly have issues with connecting to the internet and have called multiple times.  At this point they have me not putting any of my data from sync so I have to manually enter stuff I need as I need it.

So I get up this morning and am checking a couple things when it stops mid-page.  After two soft resets and no change I call in yet again today (it's been awhile since I just haven't been using it) and the drone on the other end tells me she's sending updates, and to do a soft reset while she does that.  I assume that means when I turn it back on, these "updates" will port to my phone.  Nope, she then tells me to connect to the internet and that she has a URL for me. 

I'm like, "you want me to go to this URL even though it's not connected?" 

Freaking lightbulb goes off, "it's not connecting?"  No shit dumbass, I told you I did two soft resets before I called and they didn't work.

So the next step in the script is check connection settings, I comment that I hate their script tree because we do the sames things every time and it's not the problem but I know she's got to do it and I'm thinking to myself and I just changed the settings mid-page?  I told her it lost the connection while I was connected at the beginning of the call.  So she decides she can skip that part of the script and the next one is to do a master reset.  Which I've done with them.  Multiple times.  And it deletes all data, so a sync is required before (they don't tell you that though, assholes).  So I get a little ticked off that she's asking me to do the same damned thing yet again (I may have gone c_s here, but I think I'm justified) with the caveat that I can't get to warranty without it. 

Me:  I've done a master reset multiple times with you guys...
her: (interrupting)  I understand but I can't send you to warranty without doing it
Me:  you're not going to send me to warranty, because it will work for a few hours and then next person I get when I call back will tell me no warranty without a master reset...
her:  (interrupting again, do they not teach the csr not to interrupt the tape or what?) I understand but I can't sent you to warranty without doing it
Me:  You.  Are.  NOT. Going. To. Send. Me. To. Warranty.  Anyway.  It's going to to work for a short time and then the next person I call will say the same thing.  I'm not doing this anymore.
her:  I understand but I can't send you to warranty without doing a master reset
Me:  Escalate me to a supervisor

Guess what, supervisor voice mail is all I get. 

No reliable internet connection and not allowed to use the data storage & planner functionality.  Why the hell do I have a PDA phone then?  At this point, it has less function than the RAZR that I replaced with it.  I'm so frustrated at this point I don't know what to do.
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