kryceksangel (kryceksangel) wrote in bad_service,


I swear I think Elmer's hates me.  This only happens when I'm alone at the restaurant. 

Things Elmer's has done to me:
1. They gave my food away.  I was sitting there patiently waiting for my food and they came up to me and said: I'm sorry it'll be right up we gave away your food.

2. Along with number one, It took forever to get silverware.

3. They've forgotten me.  This is a different Elmer's in a different part of  the state.  I once sat there a good fifteen minutes waiting for my waitress to come take my order.  She came up and said she told someone about me and that she went on break.

4. Not really a bad service but a grrr: They got rid of the fabulous french toast they used to have ;).
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