Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

Bank of America...wtf

I went after work today to deposit my payroll check just like I do every monday. I went through the drivethrough and was told that there would be a hold put on my check for three business days. I asked why there would be a hold and the teller said he didn't really know. He gave me a print out of all the possible reasons that a hold could be placed, but I fit into none of the catagories.

I called the Bank of America service line. After about five minutes of fighting with the automated teller, I finally got through to an actual live person.

Her explaination for the hold..(this is great) "I'm sorry maam..we just pick random people and hold their checks. It's nothing you've done wrong, or nothing wrong with your account.

I explained to her that I thought that was silly, and I really needed my money deposited into my account. However, it was beyond her control. So, in three to five business days I might be able to buy groceries.
Tags: *banking/finance
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