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Customer Service?

I am uncertain how mean I actually was, my husband says I went way overboard, but I feel that the services I received was crap.

I went to the mall with my husband and 1 year old son this weekend. We went to a mall far from our house because it had the stores I needed to make returns to. As we were pulling into the parking lot I remember oh crap the stroller is in the closet at home. Since we did not have the stroller that is normally in the car we needed to do something. I remembered they rent strollers so we thought everything is good. We find the customer service office, and the sign to the office says "Customer Service: Gift Cards, Strollers, Information." As we walk into the office we see the cute car strollers in the hallway all attached to a locking mechanism. My husband thinks maybe there is a way to pay for the stroller and un-lock it without help, but I do not see the machine that accepts money, so I figure I will go into the office with the sign that says strollers and ask for assistance.

Script Form

Me: *waves* (carrying very heavy son)
CS: Customer Service Lady who appears to be in her 70s

CS: (Behind Desk)
Me: I was interested in renting a stroller. (Nothing but silence) How do I do so.
CS: With Money
Me: *Looking at her*
CS: Or a Credit Card. Its $5. (The tone was pretty snotty and I felt like she was implying I didn't want to pay or I didn't have the money).
Me: OK
CS: *nothing*
Me: What do I need do?
CS: There is a machine outside. (Snotty tone once again)
Me: Thanks *walking out* that was very helpful. (Snotty tone myself). I was kind of looking for assistance.

My husband was mad at me as he said what I said was uncalled for. She was an old woman after all. My husband and I then looked around for the machine, which was on the opposite side of the hallway then where the stroller we needed was. The machine was easy to use, but I just felt with my initial question, she could have offered more information then you rent a stroller with money. She could have said there is a machine that accepts money acros the hallway, and the instructions are on it. I mean the sign that said strollers pointed to the office she was in.

Maybe I was overly harsh, but I just thought customer service should have been nicer.

The stroller was very cute and my son loved playing with the steering wheel.
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