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Poor old lady

I'm not posting this in co_workers_suck because it did not inconvenience me in any way. It was bad_service as related to me by a customer, and due to my knowledge of the personalities involved I am quite certain it is true. It went like this.

Me: That which does not kill me shall be the basis for my revenge
LOL: Little Old Lady
X: Another rep she had spoken to

Me: Hi this is [Big Company] how can I help you?
LOL: Can I speak to a manager please?
Me: x_x *works at home so literally cannot summon a manager* Well, I can submit a form and get one to call you... but is there anything I can do for you first?
LOL: Well... I didn't understand this bill...

So we went over the bill for a while. I thought that was what she wanted, although I was a bit puzzled about why she started asking for a manager. Then...

LOL: But dear, that's not really what I called about. I wanted to complain about the girl I spoke to before you. She was very mean to me!
Me: ? Oh... what happened ma'am?
LOL: She was so impatient with me! She kept repeating that I had been billed for nearly two months of service and then she SPELT nearly to me! I was crying when I hung up the phone with her!
Me: Oh, that's terrible. *sympathetic tone as I quickly check the call history. Two female names today... one I don't recognize but the other...* Was it X?
LOL:  Yes, that was her name!

Aside: X is someone I know, and in my team. She's a good person and a good rep in a lot of ways but... she can sometimes lack teamwork. And she can be impatient with the customers. When the customer is being unreasonable this can be a good thing, but she has particular trouble with customer who are old and confused, english as a second language or... well... stupid. While dealing with those customers is a challenge, making them FEEL stupid is counterproductive. end aside.

Me: Oh... *considers my options... as a member of my own team, I didn't want to be the one to report it directly as I HAD had a previous issue with X. So...* Would you like me to submit the form and get a manager to call you, so you can tell them about it?
LOL: Yes please! You've been very nice and so was Richard but X made me want to leave [Big Company].
Me: Well, I hope you'll be with us for a long time. :) So how should our manager reach you?

It was sad because I am dead sure this story was true. And spelling out "nearly" was completely unnecessary and rude. le sigh...
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