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Oh, USPS..

I live in an apartment complex with my fiance. The complex has three buildings, A B and C. I have not been getting mail that I am expecting, and now I think I know why.. Yesterday we got two small packages in our box. We are A107, and the packages were for A109, and B106. Today we got another, for A307. The people who live in these apartments have names which are kinda similar to ours (one letter different last names, same last name). However, our names and apartment number are very clearly written on the side of the box, easily seen when they are open to put the mail in. It just seems to me, if you can't keep your numbers straight or bother to pay attention to what you are doing, you shouldn't be handling peoples' mail.. I can understand the occasional mix up, but three things in two days? This isn't even the first time that something like this has happened.

I can only imagine who the heck has my packages, and can only hope that if someone else did get them, that they are honest people who will make sure they get to us (as we make sure the mail we get goes to the correct people). Not a lot of hope for that, since people have stolen packages from us before.. but then, maybe that's a rant for neighbors_suck instead..

I just want my stupid mail.
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