a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely. (winterbymorning) wrote in bad_service,
a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely.

Annoyed at my university bookstore

I start school again on Monday so I decided to get my textbooks today and beat the crowds. I checked the bookstore hours on the university website and it said the store would be open from 10 to 5. I get there at 4... only to find a sign reading "WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM DECEMBER 24TH TO JANUARY 5TH."

I went back home empty-handed and re-checked the website. Sure enough, no mention that the store would be closed for almost two weeks. A page on textbook buybacks even mentioned that they would be taking place from January 2nd to January 4th, in the bookstore... despite its being closed?

Granted, this is my first year at university, so maybe there's a logic here that I'm not seeing, or maybe I just don't know yet that this is how things are done. But I think that (1) not announcing anywhere except the front door that the store will be closed (2) not reopening until the first day of term (3) advertising in-store book buybacks taking place during this closed period... is pretty lame service.
Tags: school woes
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