buttonsnbottles (buttonsnbottles) wrote in bad_service,

The crazy Shell lady...

I've decided this is bad_service because these are things you just don't do in front of a customer.

I was at a Shell gas station a few nights ago buying coffee. There were two employees, one mopping and one ringing people through, and about 3 or 4 people in line. That's a bit of a big line-up, I'll agree, but it was going down pretty fast. I heard the cashier telling the man in front of me about something she had screwed up and fixed and it took a while to get to me (I was the last person in line) but nothing could prepare me for how psycho this lady would become....

I handed her my cash just as her co-worker came up beside her speak with her. Umm, script format to make it easier.

Me: *hides*
Lady: Two-faced psychotic Shell cashier
Co-worker: The poor innocent man...

*Enter Co-worker, mop in hand*

Co-worker: Hey, I...
Lady: Jesus Christ! You couldn't have put the f#$%in' mop down for two seconds top help me?! *rant rant rant about putting the mop down, lots of profanity*
Me: 0_0
*Lady turns back to till for a second, then looks back at Co-worker*
Lady: *rant rant rant again, more profanity*
Me: 0_0'....
Lady: *hands me my change* Sorry about that, have a good night!

What? What was that? Looking back I should have said something, that poor man. Swearing at a co-worker? No. Swearing at a co-worker in front of a customer? Also no. In what world is that ok? Sure, I've been frustrated with co-workers for not jumping on till where I work but never EVER would I react that way. This is all beside the fact that I did not hear her ask for help while I was in the store and I'm inclined to believe that she hadn't (nothing she said indicated that she had asked for assistance and he had declined). I'm contacting Shell as soon as I can about this, I can not imagine being required to work with that woman and I don't think anyone else should have to either.


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