even Zombies spit gobbets of me out! WUT? (obey_ur_new_god) wrote in bad_service,
even Zombies spit gobbets of me out! WUT?

on line pharmacy little suckage

I have no insurance coverage for my medications so I have all my scrips filled on line. Mainly my seizure drugs, because $127 beats paying over $200 any day.

Well, I was just down to my last two days, and refilled my meds online on Monday. I got a FedEX tracking number for the Next Day Delivery, and went on my merry way.

I get to work to check the tracking number and FedEX tells me there is no such number. I go to my online pharmacy and try to check out what is going on. Lo and behold there is a NEW tracking number. I go back to FedEX and type in the number, and instead of the meds arriving Tuesday afternoon, they are supposed to arrive Friday afternoon. I called the online pharmacy, and couldnt get through to a human, so I used the Chat Link provided on the site. I asked what was going on, gave a break down on what I had noticed, and asked for a partial refund of the shipping fees ($33).

The gentleman on the chat told me that the pharmacy it was being filled at didnt have the full amount of one of the meds (Topamax) and had to send to another Pharmacy to get it, causing the delay. I Asked why was I not informed? I mean, these are some expensive and IMPORTANT meds. Without them I could Seize.

Me: pretty upset by this point
PM: pharmacy man

PM: well, Ma'am, we are not obligated to inform you of the status of your order by email. If you had check the order status before, you would have seen the other tracking number. It was completly out of our hands.
Me: I realize that. I am just asking a partial refund of the shipping fees, since I was told it was Next Day, PAID for next day, and I won't get it until Friday.
PM: I'm sorry Ma'am. But the policy of our Pharmacy is the day it is filled is the date used for the Next Day mail, and not the date the refill is requested. We can not refund you the shipping because it IS Next Day.
Me: So, Friday is Next Day service from Monday?
PM: no, Friday is Next Day from Wednesday, due to New Years day being a holiday.
Me: so, due to the Pharmacy's fault, I have to eat the shipping cost?
PM: If you like I can give you the link to our complaint department. But they will tell you the same thing I am.
Me: No thank you. You realize that I have only enough medication for today? That is why I requested the Next Day mail service.
PM: I am sorry about that, Ma'am, but it is not the Pharmacy's fault for your poor planning.
Me: . . . What?
PM: Is there anything else you need?
Me: no that was it.
PM: well then have a nice day and thank you for using Express Scrips.

Is this a valid Bad Service? I have never had a problem with them before, that is why it threw me for a loop.

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