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How about another UPS update?  You can catch previous episodes right here

The latest is this:  They don't know where it is, they don't know why the driver didn't scan the box back in on Monday (the 29th) when it 'returned' to the warehouse and don't understand why there hasn't been any update since the 29th.

When I called the local hub on Wednesday, I asked them if the box was there and if it was to hold it and I'd pick it up today.  Well, since they weren't delivering that day (New Years Eve) she couldn't tell me.  (If the driver had done his job and re-scanned it, they'd know)

I called the 800 number today after seeing that an exception had been placed on this whole fiasco to find out that the shipper had put a tracer on it.  Sweet...good to know they are on top of things.  Bad thing is that the tracer/investigation could take upwards to 2 freakin' weeks.

God only knows where it is now.  This is beyond ridiculous.  It only weighs 24 pounds for crying out loud.  After thinking about the dimensions of the box, I'm wondering if someone thought it might be electronics - like a flatscreen tv or something.  I just hope the shipper can get his money reimbursed to him from UPS.  This ramp was handmade and wasn't cheap.  He was going to refund my shipping charges but I told him to hold off until they figure out what they're doing.


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