scribbledaway (scribbledaway) wrote in bad_service,

cafe fiorello...what?

story time kiddies.

we went to fiorellos, in new orleans. i ordered a 3 piece chicken with potatoes and gravy. my friends each ordered a roast beef poboy.
ten minutes or so later the waitress comes out to say they're out of roast beef and would they like something else? they change their orders.
fully half an hour later out comes their food...but not mine. ten minutes. fifteen minutes. the waitress comes and tells me they're only just then putting my chicken in, because they thought my order had been cancelled with the roast beef poboys. huh? but they didnt cancel anything, just changed their orders. weird. but ok. ten minutes. fifteen minutes. twenty. my friends are done eating and my food hasn't yet arrived. now i no longer want it so i tell my waitress to forget it. ten minutes, fifteen....she comes back. "your chicken only has two minutes left on the timer and we're giving it to you to go and you wont be charged for it."
great but i'm ready to leave. i was ready to leave fifteen minutes ago.
and if my chicken still has two minutes on it, do they really fry their chicken for half an hour? wild.
but she wont take our check till they bring out that damned chicken i no longer want.
they bring me a box with my free three piece chicken and potatoes with gravy.
when i get home and look in the box.... it's two pieces of chicken with mac and cheese.

i give up.

i just dont even know what they could have been thinking.

top this off.....there were only two other tables seated..the rest of the place was empty. it's not even as if they were busy.
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