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Possible Bad Service??

I ordered a part for my computer from Dell, mostly because I'm scared to put anything other than Dell parts into a Dell PC.  It's probably a bit silly, but that's just me I guess.

I ordered the part with 2 business day delivery.  It was ordered on the 30th.  Email stated it might now ship until the 7th which I was ok with, I understand that sometimes things can take time to get out of the warehouse.  Next email I got was telling me it shipped.  This was on the 31st.  I know that normally the 1st is considered a holiday, so I'm not counting it as a business day.  But, when I checked my order on the website, it says that the estimated delivery date is today, the 1st.  I get excited and take the tracking number to the UPS site.  UPS has an ETA of the 6th.  Which is not two business days.  It's also saying that it's shipping through UPS Ground instead of 2nd Day.  The Dell site says it shipped 2nd Day not Ground.  I'm not sure who to be mad at. 

On one had, having worked with a shipping company before (amazon) I know how the system works.  With Amazon, you may have paid for X shipping service, but depending on where you were located in reference to the warehouse it was shipping from, you may get Y shipping because it will get there in the same amount of time or faster for cheaper.  If they actually changed your shipping costs,  I don't really know because I was a Prime member so my 2nd day shipping was free.  I don't know if it's the same with Dell, but it's all a bit irritating and I'm not sure when to expect my hard drive now.


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