June 5th, 2018

Hela hammer

Insurance and Doctor bad service

No one is probably here, but I need a place to get this all out. I'm so angry, and I need to move on with my day, and I don't think I can do that until I've had my rant.

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So the surgery was scheduled for today. We get a call last night from the doctor's assistant saying that we're going to have to reschedule because the insurance is suddenly requesting new authorization from my primary care doctor. She says she'll take care of it and let us know as soon as the surgery is authorized.

So I call my insurance today just to verify what happened. They claim that she only asked for authorization yesterday (she says they originally gave authorization several weeks ago). They also say that my doctor, who I've been seeing for months, and whose services they've covered (my last appointment was two weeks ago) is suddenly out of network. So even with the PCP authorization, they may not authorize the surgery.

So bad service and failure all around. I'm so angry. This surgery is my last option (well, I could cut it all out, but they wouldn't cover that either). I can't deal with this pain anymore (especially because neither my PCP nor my other doctor will prescribe pain pills, which is another bit of bad service). I was ready for this solution, and now it has been stolen from me. I don't even know what to do.