mathilde (calliopesongs) wrote in bad_service,

i actually don't run across much bad service in my life, but this kind of irritated me.

i was checking out at wegman's (my favorite grocery store ever) and i set my very full/heavy hand basket down on the belt, placed a divider between my things and those of the guy ahead of me, and start perusing the impulse buy packs of gum. keep in mind, there are two customers ahead of me: one mid-transaction, and one with just a few items waiting to pay. so, i was minding my own business and trying to pick out some gum when the following exchange took place.

cashier: "MA'AM!"
me: *startled, looks up*
cashier: "i need you to actually TAKE your items OUT of the basket."

now, i work in retail, and it annoys me to no end when customers stand there and expect me to unpack their baskets for them. however, the two customers ahead of me still had items on the belt, and there was very little room for my stuff. i was waiting to unpack my things until he'd finished up with the first customer and moved the second customer's things ahead a bit. he then moved the belt up a little way, and i began unpacking my basket.

cashier: "THEEEEEERE you go! THAAAAT's right!"

he said this in THE most patronizing tone i've ever heard. when it was my turn to ring out, i swiped my shopper's club card and my debit, and he asked me if i wanted cash back. i said no, and he rolled his eyes and finished my transaction, shoving my receipt at me. aside from "no," i didn't say anything to the guy (mostly because i had just worked 9 1/2 hours and was exhausted), but it kinda pissed me off that he, regardless of his mood, spoke to a customer that way when i suck it up and am cheerful at my job regardless of mine.
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