That girl is shameless. (endure) wrote in bad_service,
That girl is shameless.

apparently it's cool to make fun of people who can't help the way they are.

Dear Random Cashier,

Please do not walk around the store screaming and carrying like a mentally challenged person. It'd be fine if you were, but when you are clearly just MIMICKING and MOCKING actual mental conditions, as the second after you're done yelling and making a scene you start talking's pretty disgusting. My mother and I really do not want to watch you behave this way while we're trying to get our groceries rung up.

And yes, I'm aware it was 7:40 in the morning and we were two of the only seven or so customers anywhere in the area of you, but still. It is unnecessary to walk around faking as if you are mentally challenged when you aren't. That is an absolutely disgusting way to behave, and I personally think you need to have bit more respect for people with said conditions.

Also, when you stop your little mimicry, don't walk up to the bag turnstyle like you're going to help us with our groceries only to spin it around a few times and paw at all the bags. If you're not going to help me with my bags, don't grab at them so you end up seeing everything inside them. It's really annoying and you're keeping me from getting to them myself.

Oh, and dear Manager standing no more than six feet from Random Cashier,

Thanks for completely ignoring her and her behavior. You clearly heard it, as she was yelling and we were standing further from her than you were and heard her just fine.

Next time you have a cashier behaving in such a deplorable way, turn around and put her on a lane before she causes herself some real problems being overheard by the wrong customers.

Edit to Clairfy: I was being a bit obtuse. So the yelling this cashier was was in a voice people typically associate with people who have some form of mental retardation. The type of voice that a person with that condition would always talk in, not only when have tics/fits/etc.

Sorry I wasn't clear on that...but yes, this person was faking, because as I realized when it eventually registered what she was saying during this mimicry, she was talking about something stupid she did, and she felt that warranted this sort of behavior.
Tags: *grocer, caution: direct attacks
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