Roisin Dubh (aoibhinn) wrote in bad_service,
Roisin Dubh

I have two for you today

So, about 30 minutes ago, I decided to call domino's because I am hungry and desire pizza-like substenance.
So I call, and am immediatly put on hold. about 5 minutes after this, someone comes on the line and says "hold please." I continue to STAY ON HOLD for 5 more minutes. Then, the guy answers the phone, but instead of hello, he says whatever his name is, like you do when someone calls for you and you say "Carl here" or whatever.
So I say "hello?" to him, assuming that maybe he picked up the line and didn't mean to be so casual with a customer. Then I say I want to place an order. He says "Oh, my driver is broken down, we can't take anymore orders."
Now, will you please tell me why that is SO MUCH LONGER than saying "hold please" that he couldn't have just said that in the first place so I didn't sit ON HOLD?

This one really bothered me... and has continued to.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a very... sensitive medication. I'm very self concious about that stuff, so maybe this was all in my head, but either way this guy sucked. So the pharmacist is very friendly and goes to get my perscription. After he looks at it he is suddenly very cold. He scans it and just blurts out the total, ignoring the other things I had asked him to ring up before. So I remind him to ring up the rest of it and he basically slams it back down after he scans. I pay, and he says "have a nice day" and turns in the other direction before he finishes the sentence and walks away. WITHOUT GIVING ME MY BAG. After 3 or 4 excuse me's, I just reached over there and grabbed it myself. Not only that, but there were people behind me in line, and they were pissed he walked away too. WTF was this guys problem?
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