October 10th, 2017


Not so great service from Michael's.

I signed up to attend a jewelry-making class at a local Michael's store. When I got there, there was no record of me signing up, even though I received confirmation emails telling me everything was set. Two days ago, I was sent an email which informed me that class was almost in session, so I know my registration went through. Someone called the instructor and straightened it out, so that was good, at least.

I'm still not quite pleased, though. The store REALLY did not allot enough time for this project, and I didn't get to finish any of the jewelry I was supposed to be able to make in the time provided. I was working at a decent speed, too. The instructor told me to finish it at home, but I never made a single piece of jewelry before today, and I wasn't given any written instructions explaining how to do that. The whole reason people attend classes is to learn something they haven't done before that they need guidance from a teacher to do. I feel like I wasted my time and money.