May 5th, 2016

(no subject)

I get that cold callers are a nuisance, but this takes it to a whole other level.

It started at about 9am yesterday morning. My nan answered the phone for the first four or so calls and then she gave it to me because it was upsetting her. A man kept asking for her, wanting her to complete a survey. Each time she said no thanks, but he kept calling her back. This happened in the space of about an hour. She then gave the phone to me, and I said that when/if he rang back I'd be firm and tell him not to call again. He did, I answered and told him just that. He called back about three times within the space of half an hour, not getting the hint. He stopped for about two hours then he called back again. I told him to stop ringing and put the phone down. He called back. This time I just didn't talk and put the phone straight down. He called yet again and I told him to NOT call this number again. He said,

"And why not ma'am?"

and I told him,

"Because you've been calling us all day, pestering us, and I told you not to call this number and you did. If you ring this number again then I'll be reporting you to the police."

He never called again after that. I hate being firm with people and if possible I like to try and resolve things amicably, but sometimes it just doesn't work.