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The weather doesn't excuse EVERYTHING, you know.

Well, Saturday we finally resolved the ongoing issue of The Second Package. (Honestly, I'm starting to think of it in capital letters, like a whodunit.)

The whole story:

My BF, hereafter referred to as the Captain, ordered some goods from an online store on the 12th of this month. Wanting his stuff before the holiday rush, he paid triple the "ordinary" shipping price for 3-day delivery.

Of course, that was three business days, so he got one package on the 16th. It contained one of the seven items he'd ordered. Checking with the company in question, he learned that the other six had been shipped separately but simultaneously.

He contacted Fex and told them that the delivery address was an office, and it was only open 9-5, Mon-Fri, and it would be shut Christmas also. They politely promised to note this.

Then the snow really hit. FEx started making delivery attempts later and later....once at six-thirty, once at eleven-thirty p.m. (Really?) After each late delivery attempt, he calls AGAIN and tells them about office hours, and after the first attempt he also asks each time for them to hold it for pickup.

On several days they didn't record a delivery attempt "due to weather". This contrasts unfavorably with the United guys, who are briskly delivering in their brown vans with chains on the tires like nothing is happening. (We talked with a parked FX driver--not ours--who said they were not issued chains.) After each update on their tracking site the Captain calls yet again and asks for it to be held....and the next day the tracking says it's still on the truck.

Wednesday (the 24th) he talked to them again and asked for it to be held. Once again, they say it will be held.

Thursday nothing can be done because office shut, Christmas.

Friday nobody is answering the phone at the office either. Tracking reports it still on the truck.

On the 27th we drove into town on the offchance the driver would try delivering it despite it being a Saturday....and we found the truck for the route sitting in a parking lot, cold and locked. We waited 35 minutes and nobody returned to it. (The Captain was on the phone during this time trying yet again to see if he could have it held at the office....and, big surprise, nobody is answering the phones. Again. He did manage to speak with the nationwide call center, who were SHOCKED that the truck was sitting unattended and expressed similar levels of upset over the unanswered phones.)

We drove out to the office. Glory hallelujah, they ARE open....and the two (two?) employees there look harassed but obliging. We give them the tracking number and one disappears to search for the package. We also mention the truck sitting around unattended, and something about the employee's reaction makes me smell a lie:

"Oh, him. Yeah. Um, well, what he did is, he, uh, went home and got his Volvo 4-wheel-drive so he around and keep delivering when the truck couldn't make it."

Uh-huh. Covering for him, are we? And I'll lay odds of a dollar to a doughnut that their insurance carrier wouldn't like that a bit. (It doesn't look good for the truck to be parked across the street from three bars, either.)

They found the package--apparently it had been held but not recorded in the computer as such.

tl;dr = Fed Up gives us the runaround for WEEKS on a 3-day delivery that was mysteriously split up along the way, stops answering their phones, updates tracking information seemingly at random and ignores delivery instructions.
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