November 11th, 2015

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Argh. I thought this had been worked out. My doctor gave me the name of a podiatrist a few weeks ago that he referred me to that had appointments. So I went. Three weeks ago I believe. I had a follow up appointment today.

Only the podiatrist called to cancel this morning because they still haven't been paid for the first appointment because the insurance never got the referral.

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I really like my primary care, but if he wasn't my family's doctor I'd change just because of how awful his referral department has been.

Amazon this time!

I ordered a Animal Crossing Isabella plush toy on November 5th, with two day shipping because of my Amazon Prime membership. I needed the two days because I'm planning on sending it overseas as a Christmas gift, and I want to ensure it has enough time to get there in the mail.

It was supposed to arrive today by the latest, but it hadn't shipped last night, which made me suspicious, but I have had good experience with Amazon in the past, I thought it'd work itself out somehow.

I was wrong. Today I checked on the package and it said delivery date on the 19th or 20th. This seems silly, but I paid extra for a service of free two-day shipping, why is it going to take two weeks? (Yes, I did confirm I ordered it from Amazon, it was Prime eligible, and I had selected two-day shipping).

So I called in, hoping to resolve it, because when things have gone wrong (with USPS and the cat food) they've been so good as to fix it promptly. However, I had a hard time understanding the representative, thus my unclear understanding of what exactly has happened, but here's my summary:

He checked, and the credit card I used needed to be refreshed. (Why? It was the same card. I had already paid on the 5th. Was I going to get charged again? No, he assured me, after many times of me asking this and him not answering. I had already paid, he confirmed.)
He updated the shipping address. (Same shipping address btw).
He double-checked the stock, only 5 left. (Yes, it was like that when I ordered it. I've never had problems before. In fact I just ordered the last two of something, and one is arriving within 2 days, the other on the 3rd day -- I guess it has longer to go, understandably, but it isn't 2 weeks.)
He kept telling me the delivery date was the 19th and 20th. I kept saying I didn't understand (because I didn't?) why it would take two weeks. A bit of a delay sure, but two weeks? Even now, he couldn't even guarantee it'd arrive by Friday.
Then, finally, he offered one day shipping. I asked him, for FREE right? (I didn't want to agree to one day shipping if it wasn't free. If he couldn't offer it, fine, but I didn't want to accept it for a charge). He repeated the offer of one day shipping. (And again, I clarified. FOR FREE, right?) He said, yes, one day shipping for free, because of the delay.
I asked him to confirm the delivery date, and he said November 18th.

At this point I thought this is going nowhere fast. Whether it's due to his computer not letting him do any better, or our miscommunication, I figured there's no point in asking anything else, so I accepted it and dropped it.

I went back in to double check on the order though, just to make sure, and lo and behold, I was being charged for one day shipping.

So in the end, I just cancelled it.

What the heck, Amazon?
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