October 2nd, 2015


Maybe I'm making a deal out of nothing...

I'll start by saying I'm really lucky. I've had great USPS service in the year I've lived in the states. Maybe I just lucked out with my post person, IDK, but recently things have been iffy.

I order lots of things on Amazon, sometimes really heavy things too, because it's convenient, and saves me from searching multiple stores (because I still don't know what some stores stock and don't stock).

Last winter, when I ordered really heavy spinning bookshelves that came in 2 packages, sometimes, they'd be delivered on separate days. That's okay, I understand the post person probably couldn't handle both in one day, I'm not upset. There was no notice, or delivery error online though, so I had no reason to do anything, and it showed up the next day. Everything was cool.

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