October 1st, 2015

Cillian Murphy

(no subject)

This is getting ridiculous. Twice this month I have had to complain to my local Walmart's manager's over a cashier's attitude after talking with them about something.

Incident A was when I asked a cashier not to bag things heavily and to double bag so that I could carry them since I'm disabled. The eye-roll and the huffing after was totally extra customer service (and another customer backed me up when I complained to the manager about it since those ARE often subjective, one person's eye-roll is another person's random blink).

Incident B was yesterday. I went to pick up my prescriptions and midway through it the cashier just...wonders off. For several minutes (2-5 long enough for my injured knee to start screaming at me and for three other customers to be served next to me) without telling me anything. She finally came back to tell me one of my prescriptions wasn't covered by insurance.

Which I knew. And could have told her, had she just told me why she was about to leave me standing there. I told her this, hoping to save another customer the random wait without warning and she got huffing, slamming my prescriptions into their bags (I didn't even know you could slam things into paper) and being extremely short with me while snapping she was 'just trying to help'...because no communication is always helpful.

Not major things, but both happening in one month at a place I normally get excellent service is a bit weird. Especially since I've been served by the pharmacy cashier/tech before, she's normally wonderful at her job.

Hopefully whatever got IN the water is now out.

ETA: I'm not editing the post because then people get confused, but I said 'complain' in regards to the second incident when I meant 'talk', just to give the manager a head's up. I agree with commentators that she was probably having a bad day and I should have left it. I blame pain for making me bitchy.