September 5th, 2015

Bad form, FedEx Ground!

Okay, normally I don't have issues with FedEx nor UPS. Today, though.....

I ordered an item from Amazon to help my fiance' and I stretch our laundry money out, I signed up for a free trial of Prime to get it in two days. Well, I placed the order on the third, it was supposed to be here today. All signs and tracking pointed to TODAY's THE day for delivery. Well, I was home, my fiance' was home. I was awake, and we have a Dachshund who barks at the tiniest little noise, so if they had in fact knocked, and I didn't hear them, Emily (my Dachshund) would have and alerted us to the noise that there was someone outside.

Not one peep. Not one knock. Not one bark resulting from the knock - that didn't happen.

Not even a notice that they had stopped by!? Ugh.

I took the tracking number that the shipper gave me, my fiance's more patient than I am about talking on the phone, so he offered to call. They got cute and tried to tell me on the website they wouldn't be back till Thursday on the website per the tracking number, so when my fiance' called to find out why, they told him that they'd be back Wednesday, but that's a no-go for me, because I have class that I cannot miss that day. My fiance' can't call off work, and we don't know our neighbours well enough to ask someone to come over here and sit and wait, neither do we know them well enough to ask for the package to be delivered there, and I am not putting someone else out over FedEx's stupidity leak! I guess they tried to get real cute and tell my fiance' they couldn't give him a tracking number, "only the shipper can do that," because they "couldn't find" the tracking number he gave them. THAT'S THE TRACKING NUMBER THE SHIPPER GAVE ME, AND IT WORKED ON THE BLOODY WEBSITE, WHY CAN YOU NOT FIND IT?!

~x( I can't even today. I just can't.
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Charter Service Update

So, the move finally happened (and that was a giant cluster fuck of 'employee suck'), charter came at 4pm on install day...

and some how had me moving BACK to my old apartment. *stares*

Thankfully however, with the help of a drop in from a manager, a tech and a trainee who learned how to deal with b_s, I have my original phone number, my internet, two tv's hooked up and my past due magically vanished from my bill (it was a bad two months before the move).

So yay! I DID lose everything when they switched out DVR's, but I'll take losing the last two months of Once Upon a Time for everything working.