May 27th, 2015

Words fail

Well that just takes the CAKE.

I've been meaning to complain to our apartment for awhile because of things that are minor but very annoying. We moved here on Christmas Eve and were told the closet doors in the master bedroom were too small and would be replaced shortly, for example, yet we've lived here five months and still haven't gotten the new doors. Another complaint is it taking 3 weeks for the screens for our living room window to be delivered and replace.

But now, what takes the cake, is they're raising the rent when our lease is up. But not just a typical jump. Y'see, when we moved in we got a special price of $875 for rent and $75 for Water/Sewer/Garbage. (Normally it's $950 for rent and $75 for W/S/G, but because we were being referred by the sister complex of our apartment, where we'd been accepted initially, they were willing to do $950 total.) They're now raising it to $1,050 and $85 W/S/G, not included.

We... we just can't afford that. There's three of us, but all three of us are disabled and live on two fixed incomes. So we're going to talk to the manager tomorrow and see if there's a way we can fix this, but I'm not terribly hopeful.

Other problems include:
how the neighbor downstairs and across the hall from us pounded on our door one night because my 2 year old had woken up screaming at 11ish from tooth pain;
that same neighbor smoking in the hallway when it's a no-smoking facility;
our neighbor across our landing having a very loud, very obnoxious visitor at four am;
our downstairs neighbors having dogs that bark at everyone who walks passed their apartment or door, at all hours;
and the fact that the previous tenants were drug dealers and so we occasionally get their former customers at our door.

...Also, this place is not worth $950, let alone over $1,000.

Needless to say we're all a mite upset. And I'm actually quite panicked. (Though as soon as I heard our leases would be 6-month increments, I suspected this sort of underhanded shit would come down the pipeline.)
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