May 9th, 2015


Gardening from the Wrong Perspective

We're cultivating a newly cleared plot of land at our house. Filling it with plants has meant patronizing both Big Box Stores™ and small local nurseries alike. Mostly it's a labor of love, but a couple of merchants have inspired moments of real WTF-ery.

About ten days ago I placed an online order with a nursery in the Pacific NW, which seemed to be taking a long time to process. After an email query they finally put the cc charge through, but chastised me that I "should" have specified the plants were needed ASAP. That was the first warning sign.

Three business days later, no tracking number had been generated (delivery to my region is strictly 3-day UPS.) I started to pull up some of this company's online reviews to see if maybe I'd gotten myself into a bad business transaction.

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