May 8th, 2015

I don't know if this would qualify for a post on here, but I'm confused and a little irritated.

Looks like I have to call today when I wake up and get lucid. :( The other night, I was going to order a new laptop and a new Chromebook online. The total came out to $1,007 and change for two laptops and a Chromebook (IT WAS GREEN!) but Walmart canceled my order. I still have the e-mail from them saying my order had been canceled. I went to Walmart to the store itself and bought the two laptops I was going to order, in person, and what I thought was a Chromebook but it's a Netbook Stream (which is fine, I can use that one for work, as I work from home). HOWEVER, I just looked at my account online for my card, and it's still saying "pending cash transaction" for that amount that I was going to be charged for the online order??? The hell??? The purchase I made in person went through fine. It was a little more than the $1,007 and change that I spent in person, and that's fine, and I'm glad it went through, but if cancelled my order online (and I can back it up with the e-mail should they inquire), why is it still saying "pending" on my card history? I'm going to get to the bottom of this, but I need to be caffeinated and have slept first, or I am going to get evil and it isn't the poor rep's fault who answers the phone.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this, not necessarily with Walmart, but with other business transactions similar to this one? I'm confused.

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I'm going to call both my card issuer AND and find out how to fix this.

To be continued...

(edited to include e-mail verifying cancelled order)
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Just a quickie update about my previous post on here.

Firstly, thank you all for your comments, I've never been through this before, and I have learned a valuable lesson about using my cc online (especially with Walmart!). I will never shop there online again.

This is an update about this post.

Rang my cc issuer. They said to keep an eye on things, it usually "expires" after 5 days if they don't "settle" and collect the money (which would be bad), but call Walmart, anyway. If they settle and collect the money, then I'm to call back and they'll escalate me to dispute the transaction, they'd send me paperwork in the mail, I'd have to fill it out, and send it back, and then once they get it, it could take up to three weeks to see any action. Uhhhh... I thanked them for their time and called Walmart. They said since the transaction on their end was cancelled, the money's still technically in my account, hence the "pending" status. Gave me an invoice # and an authorization code, and said it could take up to 4 hours for it to drop away. I called my cc issuer back, they said no, that if they don't touch the money in 5 days after the transaction was cancelled, then it'll kick back over to my cc, that they can't do diddly about it. Alright, fine. Tomorrow is day 5. They have till dinner time (9p my time) to get it back on my card. If my card does not reflect that "pending" transaction as being "expired" and that $1,007.28 is NOT back on my card, I will call back and escalate it to someone who will help.

I do not do running in circles. I do not have the time, the patience, and I am not willing to tolerate it.

To be continued.
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UPS Bad Service

So I had about 6 packages coming to me via UPS. Most were clothes, but one of them was the materials for my bar review course and very important. So, anyway, my apartment complex requires everything to be signed. The UPS guy used to always come between 3 and 4, but the last few weeks they have not been following any sort of schedule.

So I'm expecting the packages Wednesday, so I come home as soon as I can. I get home at 2:15 and there is a notice on the door. So I missed the driver. However, the notice says that it is the second notice for one of the packages. Only I did not get any notice on Tuesday.

So since there is no way I can be home on Thursday, I call the phone number. I give them the info number from the notice given to me. That notice says that 4 packages were attempted to be delivered. So the person on the phone says the only thing I can do is pay $6 to have the packages delivered to the UPS store.

Now, the UPS store here is not easy to get to. I have no car, and there is no bus that goes there. But I figured I could find a ride, so I said fine and paid. And I did find a ride there today. Only to discover that only one of the packages was sent there.

So I went online, and I was able to get the tracking number for the bar review materials. I went on the website and saw that supposedly the driver made an attempt to deliver it on Thursday. He left no notice. Again. And now it is being returned to sender.

So I called customer service and tried to explain what was going on. The lady on the phone only said that even though the info notice included this package, it really didn't and it wasn't their fault that only one of the packages was sent to the store. And then she hung up on me before I could even finish.

I've emailed them. Their stupid email system only allows 500 characters, but I tried to make it as strongly worded as possible. We'll see what happens. But I'm really pissed off. I need those books. I'm mad at the diver for not leaving notices and for the person on the phone not doing what he was supposed to do and for the second phone person being unhelpful and hanging up on me.