April 26th, 2015

Do what?

So, yesterday I was supposed to go to the hospital for a simple blood draw. I do not have a car, so I arranged transportation through my insurance. Thursday night the transportation guy calls me and leaves a voice mail on my cell phone that he was going to be here at 1245 to pick us up yesterday afternoon to go get my labs done, right, I didn't see the phone message until my fiance' got home, b/c he had my cell phone with him.

Well, yesterday at a quarter after eleven, we get a phone call from the guy saying are we ready to leave? No, because you said 1245. He argues that he said 1145 in his voice mail. Uh, no. I have the voicemail, I can back up what I'm saying, I will show you. He said, Fine, be ready by 1145. So, we had to rush to get ready to leave, get our dog walked, and be out the door. Come 1145, he's not here. He called and said he was outside. We go outside, and he's not there. Nowhere to be found. I call him, he says, "Oh, my bad, I didn't pay attention to the numbers. I'm going to go pick someone else up, I'll be back, is that okay?" No, it is not okay! I tell him so, and he says he'll be back, but he's rude about how he's talking to me, like because I'm a female, I cannot stand up to him and call him out on his mistake. That was his tone. Real condescending. That pissed me smooth the fuck off, but I held my tongue. He goes, "I'll be back at 1156. Be ready." He hangs up, I held in my anger until the call ended, and I let out a snarl. 1156, no driver. I call again, and he goes, "I'm on my way. Be ready." I told him, "You said first 1245 last night, you dared tell me today that you said no you didn't say that, that you said 1145. I can prove to you that you are in the wrong. Then you tell us you're outside, we come outside, you're not here. Then you said you're going to pick someone else up because you didn't pay attention to the numbers on the buildings. This is not acceptable, and I am reporting you. I want a new driver." I hang up on him, tell my fiance' what happened, and he's by now getting pissed, too, and he's usually pretty mellow. Just as I'm about to call my insurance to talk to Access to Care, my phone rings. I answer, and it's Access to Care! Some manager person copped a tone with me about how I'm no longer welcome to use their service because I threatened to report the driver. I called him incompetent and that's not alright. I told the driver I did not appreciate being talked down to because I am a woman, and that's not alright. Somehow that is a "racial slur." What?! Okay, whatever. I've got a couple friends I can give gas money to, and I'll coordinate around their schedules. It's your karma, dude.

Anyone who knows me knows I am in no way a racist. How, I ask, is it a racial slur when I tell the driver I'm reporting him for this mistake?! How is it alright to take the word of a driver who can't do their job right over the customer!? No. Just . . .no.
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