April 17th, 2015

Paid £50 for laptop repair, came back not repaired.

The fan on my laptop has been making loud noises and needed repairing. I had no idea why it was doing it, and didn't know whether it was damaging my laptop. So I booked it in to the Curry's repair centre, Knowhow. I had to pay an initial fee of £50 and if it needed any new parts or they couldn't fix it for under £50, they'd ring me and let me know. I never got any phone call so was in high spirits. But with ne, nothing seems to run smoothly. And it happened again. Got the laptop back today, didn't have to pay any extra, thought to myself, this is running too smoothly, lol. Got it home. And it's still making that horrible noise.

The letter that came with it said that the laptop had been repaired successfully, that no parts needed to be ordered. But it didn't explain what they had actually done.

I can't fault the guys at the shop. They were lovely. But I am really annoyed at the repair centre and that I have spent £50 on a repair that never happened.

We're going back tomorrow to see if we can get it sent off again for free, or get my money back so we can get it repaired somewhere else. I paid £500 for it so it needs fixing.

Btw I realise I should have extended my warranty, but I didn't and that's my own fault. But It's wrong that I should pay £50 for nothing.


My mum and I took the laptop back to the shop where my situation got dealt with without any problems. A sales assistant heard the noise the fan is making and also told us that the technician who'd serviced it removed a blockage in the fan, and it's likely that it damaged the fan. It's gone back to the repair centre free of charge. We'll just have to pay for any parts that need replacing. So, a good outcome. I just hope it comes back fixed this time!