April 2nd, 2015


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I've had nothing but issues with the postal service in my new city since we moved here.

First, our carrier was randomly marking our mail return to sender, no rhyme or reason.   We wondered about the lack of mail, but didn't realize exactly what was going on until we got a call from the gas company, wondering why we hadn't cancelled our auto pay if we weren't living there.

Then, she decided she didn't want to walk packages up our stairs, which is fine.  So instead of doing the normal thing and putting them on the stairs going up to our apartment or something, she puts them right in front of the neighbor's door downstairs.  I'm not talking about in the middle of the common walkway, but literally, on their doorstep.  Our neighbors were alcoholics, theives and junkies, so I could just see my packages getting crushed, kicked or stolen.  I put a note to please leave packages on the main stairs to our apartment.  Sometimes, she would, sometimes, she'd just jam it in the mailbox for funsies.

We moved in with my fiance's mom.  I ended up just getting my mail held until 5/1 because the original plan was that this was a temporary change, and I didn't want to put in a million forwards...  well... we decided we were staying here at least 6-8 months for several reasons beneficial to all parties, and so I put my forward in to be effective on 3/18 and also put another paper in per the rep to cancel the hold on that date.

Every month, I get my medical card from the state.  So when everyone else in house got theirs and I didn't, I called the post office to see what was up with my mail.  I was mostly worried about it going to the last apartment.  I kept a key for the security door so in case something like this happened, we could get in and get the mail at least.  I spoke to a supervisor yesterday, who verified my info, and said the forward was in the system.  I asked him to see if I had any mail held, just in case, because at the very least, I know I never got my card, and he says, "oh, we must not have taken the hold off on your mail, you have a big stack here as well as a certified letter that needs to be picked up by tomorrow at the latest."  I thanked him and said I'd be in today.

Cue today.  I go to the post office, and no one has any idea where my mail is.  Not the rep, not the other supervisor, no one. I'm not too worried about the medical card because they can still use the same policy number anywhere I go to verify I have coverage, but obviously we have an important letter waiting for us that I'd like to read.  I call USPS customer service, and she tells me the only thing she can think that happened is that he forwarded the mail somehow to me and I should get it in 10-14 days.  Well, that's nice, because while we have an idea of what the letter is about, there's also a slim chance that it's our shady former landlord trying to garnish my fiance's wages for some reason because while she doesn't know our forwarding address, they work at the same hospital, I'd like to be there at that court date to fight it, because we've already had to do battle with her once, and won.

I seem to be the only one concerned about this, and I know calling again won't get me anywhere.  I'm just worried now that instead of our mail being forwarded properly it's going to go to my old apartment...
All gonna die!!!
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Holiday Disaster

I'm so annoyed right now. My husband and I like to go to Whitby Goth Weekend, and had made plans at the end of last year to go to the one coming up at the end of this month. Now the thing about the goth weekend is it's very popular, and the local accommodation providers ramp their prices right up, and the cheaper places get booked up months and months in advance, so it's important to get somewhere booked early. This time we saw an advert locally for a holiday cottage in Whitby, and when we called in December we were told it was available, and would cost us £250. Great! We paid a deposit, and we were sent the key to the cottage.

Then last night, 3 weeks before we are due to go, the lady who owns the cottage called me and told me that she was very sorry, but the cottage had actually been booked for the dates we wanted in APRIL last year. Basically the people staying there for the goth weekend last year had booked for this year there and then, and she had totally forgotten about it until yesterday. Like I say, I booked in December, she's known about my booking for months and yet she's only JUST remembered about the other booking. So my reservation has been cancelled, and whilst she was very apologetic and has offered me a free stay later in the year it's really messed our plans up. We are looking at at least £200 more for somewhere to stay, at this short notice most of the places we could have booked back in December for less are all full up, unless we want to stay 8+ miles away, which we didn't really want to do as the events go on late and the whole 'Who is going to drive' comes up. TBH at this point I may end up calling the whole thing off as it's going to cost us way more than we had budgeted for.

It's not like I can go to the October weekend either as it usually falls on a school holiday and I can't take the time off.

Time Warner, Again, Because Of Course

God forbid anything ever go right with Time Warner.

I called in Feb. 25th-ish trying to cancel my account. They told me to just bring my stuff to a TWC office and they'd close it for me.

I go in March 2nd (I think, or it might have been March 1st) with the equipment in tow, wait 40 minutes to get to a rep, give him my stuff and he tries to put in my cancellation. It tries to put it in as March 25th; whoops. He runs, gets a supervisor, is gone for another 5-10 minutes, comes back and closes the account, and has me pay $30 pro-rated for the cancellation date he puts in. He says everything is groovy, I'm all paid up and don't have to worry about anything.

I'm moving, so things are crazy. Suddenly I get a collection agency notice from TW for $30. Wtf, I think, I already paid this.

After speaking with them on the phone, basically, the last rep was "mistaken" and I have to pay the extra $30 because of some mistake THEIR rep made. So, his fuck up is somehow my fuck up, and I have to pay extra for it?

This isn't my first encounter/issue with them. Last yearish I dealt with them for THREE WHOLE MONTHS trying to get a very simple issue fixed. THREE. WHOLE. MONTHS.

They're refusing to take responsibility and stand by what their rep charged me. :v Because, of course, this is Time Warner. God forbid they give anything back to the customer. They desperately need my extra $30.

ETA: Wow. The rep I just spoke to said I was given credits on my account that I didn't deserve. I cannot make this up.

ETA: Okay, two supervisors later and this is resolved. o _O; Geez. I don't really get why there was such a fight put up when the last sup was like, "Duh, our rep said that, we'll give you that. Done." Sheesh.

Honestly, I was really pissed when I wrote this, and I'm gobsmacked that the last guy was so easy going about it, haha. I was totally expecting it to take longer than the nearly-two hours it's already taken me from start to finish. :P