February 20th, 2015

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Dental B_S

I was at the dentist to get a filling done today.  I'm a freak of nature and the local anesthetic did fuck all, so they were unable to help me and I now need to find somebody to do it while sedating me.

That's not my issue, though.  The thing is, I'm phobia-level terrified of needles.  I've had to have people pin me down so I could get vaccinated.  And even though I had taken three times my usual dose of Ativan to calm myself down for this, I still wasn't happy about getting a needle shoved into my mouth.

When I asked the dentist not to warn me when the needle was coming--if I know when, it gives me time to tense up and/or pull away--, he responded with, Just put your damned big girl panties on.

Just... wow.

Bonus shittiness comes from the fact that I'm FtM and just don't pass worth shit.  Misogyny + misgendering = fuck you, pal.

I'm kinda thankful I have to find a different dentist to do my work now.
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Did we forget how to respect our elders?

Witnessed this in Walmart today:

There was a customer in a scooter, which broke. The customer was handicapped and also suffered from Parkinson's disease. (I heard her mention it)

When it was requested that someone get her a new scooter, the employee sighed, rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air as he stormed off to (allegedly) try and get help. After about 5 minutes he returned and with the same nasty attitude said that he would have to go to the front of the store to get her a new one. He was VERY nasty to this lady and made her visibly uncomfortable.

Eventually, two managers came to get her what she needed. This guy was rude, nasty and deplorable to this woman. I felt so bad for her because she was scared about being on a broken scooter and she was shopping by herself. There was a person doing a demo staying with her so she wouldn't be alone, but this man was so horrible that it made me wonder how people can get away with such behavior.

UPDATE: I called corporate to report this and they said the situation would be taken care of.

Letter from corporate:

Thank you for taking time to contact us ,we do apologize for the inconveniences ,we will take your complain for serious and we will let the store manager know about these issues and we will work to approve the customer service in that store

Again thank you for contacting us.

Wal-Mart Customer Care